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Our Father in heaven

Your prayer is affected by your image of God, to whom you are approaching.
Jesus impresses us with the call to address the God like a Father, like Abba – the Daddy. This prayer reminds us: when we feel lonely in this world, it isn`t reality, because we always have a reason to say: OUR Father.
It is like a call to be in community, which probably isn`t known to you, but which is an actual reality and option today.
It isn`t a problem if you start to pray but only stay with these words, “Our Father.” Stop with these words; pray and ask, what are the obstacles to perceiving yourself as a child who sees God as a loving Daddy. Listen to yourself. Probably, you will feel the need to dare to be a child. Trust! 

Hallowed be your name

The Jews believe that the name of a person tells something about its essence.
God’s name mirrors the essence of God, which is honorable. At this moment pray, that God`s name, which is already sacred in Heaven, will also be blessed on earth, by you, your family, among friends, in your congregation and society.

Pray that the Lord bless you to live in a way that his name will be honored through all your words, deeds, and life as an example of faith in this world. Pray to the Lord for relationships, where such an attitude and behavior will be true and consistent. You will agree: if we deeply honor someone, we can’t behave dishonorably with them.

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