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For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and forever. Amen.

You began this prayer journey by addressing God very personally: Father, Daddy. The closing words remind you of God's greatness, of His limitlessness. It changes the perspective from which you pray, when you realize that you are praying to someone who no one can stop from making that prayer come true. You have spoken not only to the Father, but to God Almighty.

Sometimes the last scenes of movies or commercials are best remembered. The last word that describes God in this prayer is “honor” - it is like a “sound” that remains in the air for a while after “all musical instruments have stopped”. It is the word that you go on to affirm practically after you have finished your prayer(s).

Amen! Martin Luther said: “It is important that after all this we learn to say
“Amen!”, that is, not to doubt that this prayer will certainly be heard and fulfilled. True faith helps us to pray not for good fortune but knowing that God does not lie, and that what He has promised will be given. Where there is such faith, there is true prayer.”

Spend some time contemplating the majesty and power of God; it will help you to fully entrust the prayer to God and not take it back upon your shoulders. 

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